How Mozaik.Global Can Work for You


Getting your message across effectively can make a difference. Use Mozaik.Global to present your information in a refreshing, professional, and attractive format.


Assessment tools enable data capture for assessments, surveys, training, etc. Results can be used for business decisions, reporting, analysis and more.


The marketplace enables you to grow your business, without creating and maintaining a separate eCommerce site.


Our visualization tools enable data to be presented in informative engaging formats. A picture is worth a thousand words.


Have a conversation with your audience. Interactive content engages your clientele and builds relationships.

Unleash your creative potential through our all-encompassing interactive platform, personalized and tailored to your needs. Mozaik.Global enables you to not just sell to your clients, but have a conversation with them. Collect data, analyze it, and put it into visualizations that work for you. Grow your businesses by harnessing the powerful features at a cost-effective price.

Mozaik for all industries

Mozaik.Global can be tailored to your needs—no matter the industry you are in.
Workshop Leader

Workshop Leaders

Engaging features and tools for formatting and branding will present a professional, attractive look and feel to workshop materials.

Creative person


Portfolios will be easily accessible, organized, and beautifully representative of the essence of the creative work.



With Mozaik.Global, The Community Group is more coordinated, organized, and well-branded. The membership is clearly informed on community goals and initiatives.

Researcher men


Researchers can differentiate their surveys, gather data effectively, and visualize results in ways that work for them.



Mozaik.Global enables training modules to be unique, engaging, and attractive to employees

The influencer


Influencers can link to all relevant social media pages, blogs, and websites using Mozaik.Global

The Marketer men


Marketers can link to all relevant photos, videos, illustrations, social media pages, and websites using Mozaik.Global

Non-Profit group


Non-Profits can use Mozaik.Global to manage and promote multiple aspects of their causes

The individual


Individuals can do anything on Mozaik, from expressing themselves online, to sharing their projects, to selling their work.

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