A company and platform built from the ground up 

As an independent software business, we understand the importance of building relationships and maintaining a strong and healthy community. We have long been committed to using technology to solve the problems of our clients, offering online solutions that help to grow business and communicate with their audience.

We are committed to a company culture that prioritizes teamwork, openness, and a little bit of fun. We believe the best solutions and products come from those who passionately believe in what they are doing. 

Mozaik.Global. The latest product from MLD Solutions 

Our Mission: Mozaik.Global is a platform that enables content creators to build relationships, gather and share insights, and, if desired, generate revenue by providing a toolbox of cost-effective options within a safe, secure self-serve digital platform 

Our Vision: An informed, connected and knowledgeable online world created and shared by people and organizations.